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Prestige 308


The Prestige P308 Gas Grill is perfect for those who want a high-end, stainless steel grill but don’t have a whole lot of space. This grill is great for small families or those who live a compact lifestyle. The folding side shelves on the P308 Gas Grill are unique and easy to use. With one hand you can easily raise and lower the space saving shelves. The locking casters allow the P308 to be easily pulled out or tucked away when not needed.

This little gas grill may have a tiny footprint, but the generous side shelves are there when you need them for prep and storage. The cooking grids of the Prestige P308 are made from porcelainized cast iron and are reversible. The process of porcelainization coats the cast iron grids in a film of glass, this prevents rusting. They season much like your favorite cast iron frying pan. They’re even reversible. The top side gives you Napoleon’s iconic sear lines, but flip the grids over and the grooves hold the juices against the meat. So when you cook meat low and slow, it will stay moist. The WAVE™ pattern isn’t just for pretty sear marks on your food. They cradle what you’re cooking and prevent smaller food from falling between the grids.

Product Features


JETFIRE Ignition System


SUPERFOLD Folding Shelves


Porcelainized Cast Iron Reversible WAVE Rod Grills


Tubes, Sear Plates and Grids

EASY ROLL Locking Casters

Little but mighty. The Prestige Series P308 grill will fit up to 20 hamburgers. The grill can easily feed 6 people. You aren’t stuck just searing over high heat with this gas grill. You can bake, roast and even smoke on the P308 Gas Grill. The space saving lid is almost completely sealed giving you optimum heat retention. And the control knobs let you easily control the flow of gas for perfect grilling temperatures.
Every Prestige Series Gas Grill is test fired before leaving the manufacturing facility. This ensures that the grill you buy will light when you hook up the gas and turn it on. The P308 is made from durable 304 stainless steel, with cast aluminum tub and lid ends, as well as powder coated galvanized steel cart panels. All those parts come together to form a whole unit that is resistant to rusting even in the harshest weather.
Every Prestige P308 Gas Grill comes in one box with the fully assembled and tested grill head. Cart assembly is required but it comes with the hardware, cart assembly and side shelves. The reversible grids are included with the warming rack, as well as the manual and our exclusive Prestige All Season Cookbook.

Grilling Area Specifications

Grilling Area Size
Primary Grids (Square Inches) 308.00
Side Burner (Square Inches) n/a
Warming Rack (Square Inches) 175
Total Cooking Area (Square Inches) 483.00
Burger Capacity (4 Inch Diameter) 19.00
Infrared Cooking Options NO
Burners 2
Total BTU’s 29000.00
Cooking Grids Cast Iron WAVE™ cooking grids
Sear Plates Stainless Steel
Ignition Systems JETFIRE™
Bottom Burners (BTU’s) 29000.00
Rear Burner (BTU’s) N/A
Side Burner (BTU’s) N/A
Rotisserie Kit N/A
Control Knobs EASY SET™
Temperature Gauge ACCU-PROBE™
Removable Drip Pan Included
Warming Rack Included
Ice Bucket Cutting Board n/a
Prestige All Season Cookbook Included
Model : P308
Burners 2
BTU 29,000
Manufactured In Canada
Construction Premium Stainless Steel
Cooking Area 483 in2
Warranty President's Limited Lifetime
Size 46.25 x 50.5 x 22.25"
Starting From $899.99

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