1. Can I install my above ground pool myself ?

Absolutely you can install the pool yourself. All you need is the required materials for the ground preparation, and tools listed on the “Do It Yourself” tab/page.

2.Does the warranty become void if I do the install ?

Do it yourself installations do not void the warranty. The warranty coverage is secure provided the pool is installed as per the installation instructions provided. If there is a defect in the product the manufacturer will cover it as per the specific warranty conditions.

3. Should I purchase an oval or round pool ?

Choosing between an oval or round pool is a personal choice. Normally the easiest way to chose is just a matter of what fits best in your space. In most municipalities there are fence bylaws that will dictate the distance required between the fence and your pool. Often that distance is either 4′ or 5′.

4. Why Steel or Aluminum ?

Originally, all above ground pools were made of steel. Steel pools are definitely the most affordable, permanent kit above ground swimming pools available. They will provide you with years of reliability and have been installed in the market place for more than 65 years. You can be confident that if you choose a steel pool your family will have many years of fun in the sun. Aluminum above ground pools are like so many other aluminum products. They are lighter, stronger, more durable, and are built to last forever. Many owners of aluminum above ground pools never touch them or worry about corrosion or their structural integrity. Simply put, an aluminum pool is the best pool that your money can buy.

5. What are the advantages of a beaded liner instead of an overlap ?

Overlap liners are hung over the top of the pool wall. The liner sits on the inside of the pool against the wall while excess material hangs on the outside of the pool wall. The liner is held in place with a retaining clip. A beaded liner has a bead at the top vinyl that hangs directly in a bead receiver. This style of liner provides a clean finish. One of the main benefits is when the liner needs to be replaced, the top rails of the pool do not have to be removed to replace the liner.

6. How can I make my pool a salt water pool ?

Any of our swimming pools can become a salt water pool. All that is required is the addition of a salt system to your existing equipment. Salt is then added to the pool water and you’re ready to go. The sodium (salt water) travels through the system and is charged electrically which converts the sodium in sodium hypochlorite which is chlorine. We recommend that you visit our blog to see recommendations on proper maintenance of a salt water swimming pool.

7. How long will it take to install my swimming pool ?

Every install situation is different and as a result the time required can vary. Once the ground is prepared most pools are installed within  3 or 4 hours, then the liner is hung and the pool can be filled.

8. What is required afterward for maintaining my pool ?

Once your pool is installed feel free to come in to one of our convenient locations for pool school. At pool school we will teach you everything you need to know to in order to properly maintain your pool.

9. What is the life expectancy of this swimming pool ?

A properly maintained swimming pool will provide many years of fun and enjoyment. Always make sure to test and treat the water, as well as properly winterize. This will give you the longest possible time using your pool.

10. What happens to my pool in the winter ?

In the winter your pool stays in place but is winterized. This requires lowering the water level, adding the required chemicals, and draining all the equipment. Afterwards simply cover the pool and it’s set for the winter. In the fall our stores offer a “Pool Closing School”, please call your local store for details.

11. Do you need a permit ?

An above ground pool permit is required in most municipalities. Often the requirements are for a pool enclosure (fence), the pool must comply with the local setbacks. Make sure you check with your local municipality.

12. How do I know what size pool to get ?

Always best to look at your space ahead of time. The pool size that is large enough for your needs and fits into the space is always the best bet.
Make sure to take into consideration that in general you need to be approximately 4 to 5 feet from the fence line.

13. Do I need a fence around the pool ?

Most municipalities require you to have your backyard fenced in. In the case of a rural site you may not need it. It is always best to look up the bylaws in your area for specific details.

1. How much space do I need for a pool ?

In most municipalities, your pool will need to be 4′-5′ away from all fence lines and must be behind your house (not at the side of your house). Check with your local municipality to determine setbacks for your specific area. These will be stated in the pool fence enclosure by-law.

2. What inground pool options do I have ?

In-ground pools are fibreglass, vinyl or concrete.

3. How much is this going to cost me ?

The cost of your pool is dependent upon various factors such as ease of access to the back of the property for excavation and construction, the size of the pool, the style of the pool, the type of pool, equipment, hardscapes and landscaping.

4. What should I consider before purchasing an inground pool ?

Think about your budget and how much you are willing to spend. Consider if you have the backyard space, have an idea of how you would like the pool to look when finished, access to the backyard, and who would be a suitable contractor for the job.

5.How long does a pool install usually take ?

Fiberglass pools take 3-5 days to install where vinyl pools take about 7-10 days and concrete pools could take 6-8 weeks.

6. Do you do the landscaping as well ?

Many of our projects are complete with or without landscaping.

7. How much are maintenance costs for the year ?

The average maintenance cost of a pool is around $800-$1500 annually.

8. Can I upgrade to an Ozonator or Salt System with the purchase of my pool?

There is definitely an option to upgrade your pool to a salt system or ozonator. These are both alternative sanitizers and help reduce overall maintenance!

1. What should I consider before purchasing a hot tub ?

Roughly you should know what size tub you want and how much you’re setting your budget to. Decipher whether you want this hot tub for recreational usage or for hydrotherapeutic purposes. Decide where you want to shop around for a hot tub. Do some research in the company’s history and become aware of some of the brands of hot tubs you are interested in. Also remember to decide where you would like to place this hot tub in your backyard. Location will determine what your budget range and options will be.

2. How much am I looking to roughly spend ?

Luckily, hot tubs start at around $2,999 and can go all the way up to $25,000. Set yourself a budget and come and speak to one of our experts about what options you have!

3. Where should I put my hot tub ?

Hot tubs should be placed on any solid foundation. This includes a concrete slab, suitable wooden deck, and/or patio. Often times, people decide on a location that is near a side door/backyard door, this way the hot tub is easily accessible.

4. Can I install the hot tub myself ?

People can install them, however for the most part hot tubs are delivered by professionals due to their weight and size.

5. Are there any requirements I need to meet ?

Most hot tubs, with the exception of the 110V plug and plays, require a minimum of 40amp service for electrical and dedicated 220V hardwired service. In most cases, access to the backyard needs to clear a minimum of 45″ with the exception of plug and play or shallow spas, The clearance is the distance between the house and gate/fence.

6. What kind of surface do I need to have a hot tub installed on ?

All hot tubs should be installed on a solid level foundation.

7. How hard is it to maintain a spa? How much time do I have to spend taking care of it ?

Almost all spas, if maintained on a regular basis, will require less than 10 minutes per week for basic maintenance. Remember to check your water regularly!

8. Do I need a plumber and/or electrician ?

You will need an electrician in order to wire all 220V hot tubs. A plumber is not necessary.

17. I will be a first time hot tub owner; will someone help me with my water chemistry ?

We have 10 locations that are located all across Ontario to better serve you! Every hot tub purchase comes with a Spa School session. One of our experts will walk you through how to operate your hot tub, how to clean it, hot to balance the chemicals, etc. Any questions you have will be answered! We also offer free water testing on all hot tub/pool water. You can bring in your water and we will tell you how to balance it if it is off.

18. Can I upgrade to an Ozonator or Salt System with the purchase of my hot tub ?

There is definitely an option to upgrade your hot tub to a salt system or ozonator. These are both alternative sanitizers and help reduce overall maintenance!

19. Does my hot tub purchase come with a spa cover? Is there an easier way to remove my spa cover ?

Every hot tub purchase comes with a hardcover! Make spa cover removal a breeze with our Bottom Mount, Top Mount, or Under Mount Lift Master. A strong and durable cover lifter; it comes in three different variations available to suit your needs.

20. How do I keep my hot tub running all year long ?

All hot tubs come with heating devices and controls that will monitor water temperature and allow you to use them all year round with minimal effort!

21. How many jets should my hot tub have ?

The number of jets is less important than the actual position of the jets, the style of jets and the jets-to-power ratio; the performance. If you are looking for a hot tub that provides more hydrotherapeutic value, these categories will be of much greater importance. If you are looking for a hot tub that is for recreational usage, these aspects can be scaled back.

22. Where do I find replacement parts for my hot tub ?

If you purchased one of our hot tubs, then we can assure you we have all the replacement parts you need! If we do not have them in stock, then we can definitely get them in.

1. How much space do I need for a pool table ?

The general rule is the length of your cue stick plus 6″. Use these numbers to determine how much minimum length and width you need to comfortably place a pool table in a room.

2. How much will a pool table cost me ?

Pool tables will range anywhere from under $2,000 to $7,000-$8,000 depending on the model, size and style.

3. Will I be able to move the table if needed ?

Due to how the table is installed, a professional will have to move the table for you. In order to be leveled the professional will have to reset the slate which comes in 3 pieces.

4. What is Teflon coated felt and why do I want it ?

Teflon coated felt will protect your pool felt from spilled liquids!

5. What maintenance is involved in owning a pool table ?

Pool tables are virtually maintenance free. There might be the odd time you have to replace the felt over years of usage but other than that there really is no maintenance.

6. Can I put my pool table outside ?

We do offer pool tables that are specifically designed for outdoor applications.

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