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Hot Tubs

Cascade II

Similar to the Radiance model, the Radiance Lounger knows how to hit the spot with its unique water features and a 24″ waterfall. Even more, this Lounger is spacious enough to seat one extra person, giving everyone more room to enjoy the massaging action from the jets. Bigger and better, the Radiance Lounger encourages you to relax with friends and enjoy a nice evening in your own home.



Infinity Edge

Always Perfect

In a Coast Spas® Cascade Series Spa, the water level will always stay the same regardless of how many people are in the spa. No wasted water caused by overflow means less chemical usage and no additional energy wasted to heat the water, resulting in a smaller environmental impact. When your guests leave the spa, it automatically fills itself back to the same level.

No Filter Grate

You’ll never have to share your hot tub with loud skimmers that suck water down into your filtration system. Gone are the days of the floating telescope skimmers that take up the area of one seat or more. Your vanishing edge waterfall does all the skimming of your spa water using our patented vanishing edge design and with the pressurized commercial-grade Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System®, you will never sit in your hot tub with your filter cartridge again.

Ultimate View

No other portable hot tub in the world can give you the same unobstructed view from your hot tub. Our patented vanishing edge design allows bathers to look out at an unobstructed view, beginning at your spa’s waterline.

Largest Skimmer

Having the largest skimmer available will supercharge debris removal from your spa. Replacing the traditional “bobbing telescopic” skimmers, your vanishing edge not only skims your spa water quicker and more efficiently… but looks fantastic doing the job.

24″ Waterfall

At one time waterfalls were just to add soothing sounds and a relaxing ambiance to your spa. Coast Spas® changes that by putting you into the waterfall, giving you a feeling of pure relaxation and complete tranquility. Our largest water feature comes standard on nearly all of our Curve and Cascade Series Spas. This continuous blade of water measures a full two feet across and is fully lit with vibrant LED Lights*. Fully adjustable, the 24″ waterblade can explode into the middle of your hot tub or softly drop inches from its source (and everything in between). The Coast Spas exclusive 24” waterfall is the largest available on any hot tub. Enjoyment is guaranteed.

* Extreme LED Lighting Package Required for Lit Waterfall


ft-cyclonicfiltration (1)

Sweeper Jet

When you step into your spa, any particles that are insoluble in water that are brought in with you (such as sand) will settle at the bottom of your spa if uncaught by the filter. In all other hot tubs, once these particles have settled onto the bottom of the spa you will have to share your spa with them until either you drain and clean the hot tub, or purchase equipment that will pick them up. Unfortunately, sharing your spa with these little particles means that you will have to endure an undesirable gritty texture when stepping in your hot tub and spa vacuums are not always the cheapest accessories to purchase.

Coast Spas saves you all the trouble and money with the Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet. The Sweeper Jet is positioned near the spa floor with its fan-like nozzle aimed downwards, and is automatically activated on daily filtration cycles. The sweeper jet blows all the particles resting on the floor of your spa up and into the moving water to then enter the filtration system. Here’s to a spotless grit-free hot tub, without having to lift a finger.Filt


Coast Spas developed the Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System®. This is a commercial-grade, pressurized filtration system with the filter canister completely removed from the bathing area and coupled with an oversized skimmer. We feel so strongly that the happiest spa owners have the cleanest water, that we made this a standard feature on ALL of our spas. So you can rest easy knowing that your spa will have the best filtration system available.


The Benefits of Hydro Cyclonic Filtration -No dirty filter sitting in the hot tub water with the bathers. -Captured contaminants will not re-enter the spa water when changing the filter or when pumps are deactivated. -The Water Diversion Blade® disperses water and contaminants evenly around the outside of the filter resulting in more efficient filtration. -Up to 175 sq.ft. of filter media (largest available in any hot tub) for superior water flow and less strain on your spas’ components.

Elite Class- Click on image to enlarge

Luxury Class- Click on image to enlarge


ft-carboncontrol Carbon Fiber Digital Push-Button Control CONTROLS Luxury Color Touchscreen Spa Control Panel ft-touchsceencontrol3
ft-elitepump Dual (2) Xtreme Super Flow 5HP Pumps (50 Jet Models) POWERFUL PUMPS Dual (2) Xtreme Monster Flow 7HP Pumps ft-luxurypump
ft-5inchlight 5″ Safety Light UNDERWATER LIGHT 7″ Frosted Light Dome with SS Ring ft-safetylight
ft-cyclonicfiltration 175 sq.ft Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System® FILTRATION 175 sq.ft Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System® ft-cyclonicfiltration
ft-worldwidesparemote Smartphone Remote Control Available SMART REMOTE Smartphone Remote Control Available ft-worldwidesparemote
ft-luxurytrillium Luxury Trillium Massage Jets JET STYLE Luxury Trillium Massage Jets ft-luxurytrillium
ft-volcanojet Volcano Jet with Hand Control Adjustment MASSAGE BOOST Volcano Jet with Hand Control Adjustment ft-volcanojet
ft-cover 5″ x 3″ Energy Saver Cover COVER 5″ x 3″ Energy Saver Cover ft-cover


Acrylic Shell Colours

Cabinet Finishes



Standard Features

Feature Description
MANUAL SPA CONTROLS Air Control Toggle Switches-Individually Adjustable Thread-In Jets
INNOVATION Extreme Powersage Zone-Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet-Worldwide Spa Remote Ready (smartphone control)-Programmable Filtration Cycles
SMART DESIGN Plush Headrests-Beverage Holders-Thread-In Jets-Anti-Slip Textured Floor-Ergonomic Seating-Multi Level Seating-Non-Float Loungers (lounge models)-Large Footwells-Recessed Jetting-Water Features (Waterfalls-Recessed Floor Drain
BUILT TO LAST® Bottom Moisture Protection-Coast Guard Corners-Freeze Protection-Steel Reinforced Acrylic Shell-Pressure Treated-Wooden Frame-Hand-Built Cabinets-Powerful and Efficient Pumps-Gate Valves-Oversized Plumbing
COVER & ENERGY 5 x 3 Energy Saver Cover-Efficient Pumps | 1 Amp Filtration-Frame Lock Insulation

Optional Features



Spa Care Package

– UV Sterilizer
– O3 One Ozone
– Crystal Clear Chamber
– Refresh Switch

Audio Package

– MP3 Bluetooth Docking Station with Remote (incl two flushmount speakers)
– Subwoofer



Elite Value Package

– Perimeter LED Lighting
– O3 One Ozone Generator
– Crystal Clear Ozone Chamber

Supreme Audio Package

– Handsfree Sony Bluetooth Stereo w Remote and Microphone
– Four Retractable Speakers
– Xtreme Subwoofer

Category Feature Optional


28 Bulb Multi Color LED (for Primary/Safety Spa Light) Yes
Perimeter Waterline Lighting Yes
Vega LED Lighting All Controls and Water Features Lit Yes
Xtreme LED Lighting Package All Controls and Water Features Lit Yes
Xtreme LED w/GLO Jets All Controls and Water Features Lit Yes


Bluetooth MP3 Docking Station with 2 Flushmount Stainless Steel Speakers Yes
Includes Two Flushmount Speakers Yes
Hands-Free Bluetooth Stereo with Microphone Yes
Includes Two Flushmount Speakers Yes
Touch Screen (Main Spa Control) Bluetooth Audio System (Luxury Class Only) Yes
Includes Two Flushmount Speakers Yes
Audio Boost
Upgrade to Four Flushmount Speakers Yes
Upgrade to Four Retractable Speakers Yes
Add Subwoofer Yes
Add Extreme® Subwoofer Yes


O3 One Ozone Yes
Add Crystal Clear Purification Chamber Yes
O3 One Plus Ozone Yes
Add Crystal Clear Purification Chamber Yes
EcoClean Salt Water System with O3 One Ozone Yes
EcoClean UV Sterilzer System with O3 One Ozone Yes
Exclusive Refresh Button Yes


17″ LCD TV with DVD Player and Pivoting Mounting Arm Yes
includes DVD Player Yes
includes Four Retractable Speakers Yes

Specialty Features

WorldWide Spa Remote Yes

Massage Therapy

Air Blower + 18 Jets (N/A on Elite 2 Pump Spas) Yes
Super Charged Air Blower (powered air to all hot tub jets) Yes
Variable Speed Massage Control – 65 Jet (or 3 pump) Luxury Series Models Only Yes
AquaSole Massage Jets (Single Jet Only) Yes

Exterior Upgrades

Obsidian Display with Power Indicator Yes
Cedar Top Rail (for Cedar Cabinets Only) N/A
Slate Corners (for Synthetic Cabinets Only) N/A
Lit Slate Corners (for Synthetic and Slate Cabinets Only) N/A
Luxury Slate Cabinets Yes
Add Two Teir Slate Steps Yes
Coast Guard Bottom Yes
Cover Color Upgrade Yes

Additional Exterior Lights

Star Light Exterior Photocell Lighting Yes
Exterior Light Sconces (Extreme® Lighting Package Required) Yes
Holographic LED Lighting (N/A with Slate Cabinets) Yes

Energy Efficiency

Insulation: Partial Foam Yes
Insulation: Full Foam Yes
Eco Air Vents Yes
Model : Cascade II
Seating 6-7
Style Lounge
Capacity 1817 L | 480 Gal
Jet Count 47 or 61
Dimensions 92 x 101 x 31” (47” at back)
Manufactured In Canada

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