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Wellness Infinity Swim Spa

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The Wellness Infinity is the world’s first, and only, vanishing edge swim spa. Enjoy the freedom of a barrier-free view as you swim towards open space, feeling unconfined to your spas swim area. Also benefit from zero water displacement, no space consuming filter grate or bobbing telescopic skimmers. The Wellness Infinity is the most innovative and advanced swim spa available.

Spa Comforts Hand Controls-Plush Headrests-Safety Light-Beverage Holder-Thread-In Jets-Anti-Slip-Textured Floor- Ergonomic Seating-Multi Level Seating-Non-Float Lounger-Recessed Jetting
Equipment Powerful and Efficient Pumps-Gate Valves-Oversized Plumbing-Barb & Clamp Plumbing-Titanium Heater
Innovation Remote Monitoring and Control Ready-Programmable Filtration Cycles
Protection Bottom Moisture Protection- Coast Guard Corners-Freeze Protection -Energy Saver Cover
Structure Steel Reinforced Acrylic Shell- Hand-Made Cabinets-Partial Foam Insulation

Acrylic Shell Colours

Cabinet Finishes

Acrylic Color / Model Availability
Wellness Infinity Sterling Silver Only


Standard Features

Feature Description
MANUAL SPA CONTROLS Air Control Toggle Switches-Individually Adjustable Thread-In Jets
INNOVATION Extreme Powersage Zone-Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet-Worldwide Spa Remote Ready (smartphone control)-Programmable Filtration Cycles
SMART DESIGN Plush Headrests-Beverage Holders-Thread-In Jets-Anti-Slip Textured Floor-Ergonomic Seating-Multi Level Seating-Non-Float Loungers (lounge models)-Large Footwells-Recessed Jetting-Water Features (Waterfalls-Recessed Floor Drain
BUILT TO LAST® Bottom Moisture Protection-Coast Guard Corners-Freeze Protection-Steel Reinforced Acrylic Shell-Pressure Treated-Wooden Frame-Hand-Built Cabinets-Powerful and Efficient Pumps-Gate Valves-Oversized Plumbing
COVER & ENERGY 5 x 3 Energy Saver Cover-Efficient Pumps | 1 Amp Filtration-Frame Lock Insulation

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Catagory Feature Optional


Air Blower + 18 Jets Yes
Blue Accent Tile and Tile Swim Line Yes
Swim Tether and HarnessWellness Swim Spas Only Yes
Exercise Bands Yes
Rowing Bars Yes


28 bulb LED Yes
Perimeter Waterline Lighting Yes
Xtreme LED w/ Lit Hand Controls Yes


Bluetooth MP3 Waterproof Dock with Remote Yes
Includes Two Flushmount Speakers Yes
Touch Screen Controlled Bluetooth Yes
Includes Two Flushmount Speakers Yes
Hands-Free Bluetooth Stereo with Microphone Yes
Includes Two Flushmount Speakers Yes
Audio Boost
Upgrade to Four Flushmount Speakers Yes
Upgrade to Four Retractable Speakers Yes
Add Subwoofer Yes
Add Extreme Subwoofer Yes


O3 One Plus Ozone Yes
Add Crystal Clear Purification Chamber Yes
EcoClean Salt Water System with O3 One Ozone Yes
UV Sterilzer System with O3 One Ozone Yes
Exclusive Refreash Switch Yes


LCD TV with DVD Player and Pivoting Mounting Arm Yes
includes DVD Player Yes
includes Four Flushmount Speakers Yes
Add Four Retractable Speakers (replaces Flushmount) Yes


WorldWide Spa Remote – Tablet/Phone App Yes

Exterior Upgrades

Slate Corners (for Synthetic Cabinets Only) N/A
Lit Slate Corners (Slate Cabinets) Yes
Luxury Slate Cabinets Yes
Add Two Teir Slate Steps Yes

Exterior Lights

Exterior Light SconcesRequires Extreme Lighting Package Yes
Holographic LED Lighting (N/A with Slate Cabinets) Yes

Energy Efficiency

Insulation: Partial Foam Stn
Insulation: Full Foam N/A
Winter Foam Package Yes
Eco Air Vents Yes
Cover Color Upgrade Yes
Model : Wellness Infinity
Seating 3 Seats + Swim Area
Style Swim Spa
Capacity 5200 L | 1371 US Gal
Jet Count 28
Dimensions 161 x 90 x 53”
Manufactured In Canada

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