How To Clear Up a Green Swimming Pool Fast

How To Clear Up a Green Swimming Pool Fast

One of the worst sights a swimming pool owner can come across is green-looking water in their pool. However, it usually looks worse than it actually is and it can be cleaned up within just a few days. If the pool water appears to be green it’s basically because there are algae growing in the pool. But with the proper chemicals, a good filter system and a little bit of time, you can have your water crystal clear in a matter of days. You’ll just need to test the water, balance the chemicals properly and clean and shock the pool.


Testing the water
You can test the pH and chlorine levels in the pool water by using a chemical testing kit. If the chlorine level is under one ppm there’s a good chance that algae can take over the pool and turn the water a shade of green. You can easily and quickly test the chemical levels in the water with a liquid and test-strip kit.


Clean the swimming pool

Before adding any chemicals you should brush the sides of the pool as they’re also likely to be green. The algae will find its way to the sides and bottom of the pool and it should be scrubbed off.


Balancing the pool water chemistry
Depending on the results of your water test, you’ll likely have to add a base or acid to bring the recommended pH level of approximately 7.8 when treating it due to the presence of algae. After adding the chemicals you should turn the pool pump on so they can circulate in the water. If the pH level needs to be decreased it can be done by adding sodium bisulfate and if the pH level needs to be increased you can add sodium carbonate.


Inspect the filter

It’s a good idea to make sure there’s no debris clogging your filter. You may want to backwash it before adding any chemicals to make sure it’s working effectively. You should also let the filter run 24 hours per day when trying to clean up the green water.


Shocking the water

You won’t really be able to turn your water sparkling clean without shocking it with chlorine. This will help to sanitize the water and kill the algae ad bacteria. It’s a good idea to use liquid chlorine or a shock which contains a minimum of 70 percent available chlorine. In some instances, you may need to shock the pool a couple of times due to a high presence of algae. While the water may appear to be cloudy after you shock it, you’ll notice that it will eventually clear it up in a day or two.


Clean out the filter

When the chlorine has killed the algae and bacteria, be sure to clean out your filter basket. You can then vacuum the pool as it will be a lot easier to see the bottom of it. When finished, you should clean the filter basket again and add algaecide to the water to keep algae out of the pool.


Check your chemical levels

Once your water is nice and clean you’ll want to keep it that way all summer long. It’s recommended that you check the chemical levels on a regular basis to make sure they’re in the recommended range.  You’ll want to keep several pool chemicals on hand that can handle specific situations when it comes to your pool water.


Have questions about your pool water quality?  International Pool & Spa Centers offer pool water testing at each of our locations across Ontario.  Stop by one of our stores today with a water sample and let us show you how to have crystal clear pool water all summer long!

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