Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pools



The Monument will allow you to experience the class and elegance of an in ground pool at the affordable price of an above ground pool. Our flagship model is one of the only pools that can be installed as a semi-in ground. This opens up endless landscaping options that can turn your backyard into that beautiful oasis. The Monument pool features an extruded aluminum wall which provides complete corrosion resistance and will stand the test of time to protect your pool from soil, minerals, moisture and chemical damage. The revolutionary Arrowhead Interlock System provides you with the strongest wall system available and ensures the endurance and strength to withstand all installations, whether above ground or semi-in ground. The addition of the Monument swimming pool to your backyard will add value to your property and give you years of maintenance- free fun for your family and friends.

Sizes Available

Round Oval
18′ 12′ X 24′
24′ 15′ X 24′
27′ 15′X 30′
30′ 18′X 33′


Why Choose Aluminum ?

When considering material choices for your above ground pool, extruded aluminum is always a fantastic option! Swimming pools made of extruded aluminum are a great choice because of the value, strength and long lasting enjoyment of your pool.

  • Aluminum is made to resist corrosion. The combination of soil, minerals, water and pool chemicals can wreak havoc on a lot of materials. Because of its composition, aluminum stands up to those tough conditions.
  • Aluminum is so reliable that many other industries use it for their important projects. The airline, automotive and construction industries all turn to aluminum when they need a safe, long-lasting material that can withstand the elements.
  • An above ground pool is an important investment. Make certain your pool is up to the challenge! With our selection of above ground pools made of extruded aluminum, you can be sure that your pool will provide a lifetime of value, safety and fun for your entire family.



The Strength of Aluminum:

Whether sitting or standing, extruded aluminum frames are strong enough to support the weight of your family. Extruded aluminum will always “stand-up” to the strength test.

Construction Industry:

Scaffolding:Extruded aluminum was selected as the scaffolding material for the renovation of the Statue of Liberty. The restoration company knew that extruded aluminum’s superior strength would support the weight of thousands of workers over time.

Liner Patterns Available:


Brighton Prism

Stonebraid Prism

Diamond Wave Prism


Standard Features

Wall Height 52″
Semi In Ground Installation Compatible with factory built decks and fences.Creates the opportunity for endless landscaping options.Allows you to fully customize your backyard.
Extruded Aluminum Interlocking Walls The Monument pool is built with the Arrowhead Interlock System to ensure endurance and durability. The aluminum wall will not rust or warp and have more strength-for-weight than any rival material.
Delta 3000 Support System The Monument oval pools are now buttress-free and incorporate aluminum tie bars and water plates. This provides exceptional structural support and eliminates the need for unsightly side struts. The Delta support system reduces the structure space of the pool and ensures the maximum swimming area
Patented Liner Receiver The aluminum bead receiver will extend the life of your liner. It holds the pool liner snug to prevent any damage or slippage
Extruded Aluminum Uprights and Coping The coping/top rail is made of titanium bearing extruded aluminum and is incredibly strong and has a slip-resistant finish and can hold the weight of an adult. The frame structure is the strongest structure available for above ground pools
Stainless Steel Hardware All of the hardware is made of stainless steel or aluminum to prevent rusting or corrosion
Limited Lifetime Warranty 60 years limited
Model : Premier Monument
Kit Price From $5999
Complete Package From $8799
Wall Height 52"
Material Aluminum
Warranty Emerald Series 60 Years Limited
Manufactured In USA