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All About Vinyl Pools

One of the most common pools to install is a steel pool kit with a vinyl liner. Choosing a steel swimming pool kit with a vinyl liner  is a cost-effective approach to installing an inground pool whilst having unlimited options on the shape and design of your pool. International Pool and Spa Centers has over 35 years of experience and expert staff that can help you choose the perfect steel above ground swimming pool for you and your family.  We have locations across Ontario for easy and offer professional consultations on all swimming pool purchases.

Steel is one of the most common metals used and for good reason. Most of the tools we use in our everyday lives are constructed out of steel. Many automobiles, trains, ships, surgical equipment and even some of our major appliances are made out of steel. The flexibility and strength of the steel has been proven over time and is what prevents the pool from cracking, unlike concrete pools. Our steel wall panels are fabricated with 14 gauge galvanized Dofaco steel, reinforced with a sturdy A frame support system and anchored by a poured concrete base beam.

Steel Kit pools are installed with a vinyl liner. A vinyl liner helps create a smooth surface to walk on and swim through unlike the rough texture of concrete. Vinyl liners prevent you from having to refinish the concrete and come in a variety of colours and patterns, creating even more customization of your pool.

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Why choose Vinyl ?

Lower Initial Cost

Vinyl pools are the most affordable in ground pool option. The lower cost can be attributed to local manufacturing of the steel kits and liners as well as the onsite assembly of the pool. Also, the liner of a steel pool is created from vinyl which creates a smooth surface, virtually inhibiting the growth of algae. This will help keep your chemical costs down.

Strength and Flexibility

Vinyl liner pools are constructed by inserting a vinyl sheet in between the water and steel frame structure of the pool. Like many steel constructions, steel pools have been in the making for over 50 years. The long history of vinyl pool installations has proven the material and design are strong, consistent and economic. Vinyl pools are very flexible and cannot crack like a concrete pool.

Full Customization

Vinyl pools are available in any shape, size and depth which leave you with endless opportunities for your pool design. You are able to choose a variety of features such as LED lighting and cascades. Another great advantage of a vinyl pool is the design of the liner. There are so many different patters to choose from which allows you to customize your pool even further. A disadvantage to these pools is that the liner will need to be replaced every few years. However, this gives you the opportunity to put in a new liner pattern and completely change the visual appearance of your pool and backyard. The liner is made out of vinyl which creates a smooth surface which makes it easier for children to walk and play in. No more knee scratches!

                                  Clover leaf                                                                      Flatback Kidney
                                  Full-L Hopper                                                                     Full L
                                  Grand Bend                                                                      Hawain
                                  Kidney                                                                     Lazy-L
                                  Monteigo                                                                  Muskoka
                                  Odessee-1                                                                  Oval
                                  Rainbow                                                                 Rectangle



Liner Options
     Hudson                Somerset          Mist Terrazzo           Danube           Oxford Aquarius
       Grand                  Aurora                   Plaza            Blue Lancashire   Grey Lancashire
Bourbon Street          Raleigh               Raleigh Blue           Albion               Siesta Dune
  Pasadena              Bronze Star             Carrera       Brown Lancashire      Savannahn
       Carmel                 Hanover             Grey Slate         Blue Diffusion      White Diffusion
   Sandstone          Blue Pebble            Hampton            Ocean Stone            Granite
   Terrazzo        Santiago Diffusion Cambridge Ocean        Blue                  Blue Marble
  Siesta Azure        White Pebble            Sterling              Hartford

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