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Coast Spas, a Canadian company,  is well known in the hot tub industry for its popular series of Wellness Health and Swim Spas. These are luxury, handcrafted units which are built to suit all lifestyles and budgets. These spas have been specially created to provide users with the health benefits which can be realized when combining hot water with swimming, hydro massage therapy and other forms of exercise. You and your family can improve your overall health in one easily-accessible location with a Wellness Health and Swim Spa.

Using a swim spa is an ideal way to improve your endurance, strength and cardiovascular system due to the proven benefits of water resistance training. With a Wellness Spa you’ll be able to utilize this form of therapy at your own convenience 24 hours a day. This will help you to obtain and maintain a healthier lifestyle by simply spending time in your spa as often as you like.

Coast Swim Spa and Hot Tub Models

Coast designs and constructs a wide variety of hot tubs and swim spas for all types of users. These range from hyper-therapeutic Wellness spas to larger swim spas which provide users with a current they can swim against. These products are beneficial to those who suffer from arthritis as well as users who are attempting to improve their overall health.

Each of the Coast health spas features optional exercise equipment such as rowing oars and resistance bands which are ready for use in your daily fitness routine. All of the swim spas are available in a variety of colours and finishes and are constructed with handmade cabinets and strong acrylic shells which have been reinforced with steel. They also feature safety lights, energy-saving covers, programmable filtrations systems, partial foam insulation, freeze protection, bottom moisture protection and much more.

Wellness I

Wellness 1 Spa from Coast Spas
The Wellness l hot tub by Coast has been specially designed to help relieve arthritic pain and has been developed in conjunction with the Consumer Advisory Board  of the Arthritis Research Center of Canada. It can hold up to six people and features 50 massage jets. The 590-U.S. gallon model is ideal for arthritis relief and positive health. It allows for comfortable upright seating while the upper body is able to stay below the therapeutic hot water. The spa features a dedicated seat which massages your whole body at once, which provides relief for your joints and muscles. This spa also provides users with an underwater safety light and easy-access steps and can also be outfitted with several other options such as rowing bars and resistance bands.

Wellness II

The Wellness II swim spa is a 1511-U.S. gallon unit which holds up to three people and features a swimming area. It has efficient and powerful pumps, numerous river jets and exercise equipment options. This model enables users to swim indefinitely against a resistant current which is created by the powerful jets. If you’d like to work on your strength and cardio it can be outfitted with row bars and exercise bands. The spa comes with a full-sized swimming area even though it’s designed to take up as little space as possible, meaning it can easily fit in most back yards and fitness rooms. The spa also features hand controls, a safety light, textured floor, multi-level seating, recessed jetting, freeze protection, an energy-saving cover and much more.

Wellness III

Wellness 3 Spa by Coast
The Wellness III swim spa by Coast seats up to three people and has a capacity of 169 U.S. gallons. It comes with 20 massage jets and is a specially designed hot tub which can be added to your Wellness II swim spa and/or a Wellness II Lounge swim spa. The unit can be installed at one end of the existing swim spa to give you the best of both worlds. It offers luxury massage jets as well as separate digital temperature controls from the swim spa. In addition, the Wellness III detachable hot tub has its own cover and plumbing system which allows you to drain and winterize it if you wish. The tub also features a safety light, headrests, beverage holder, anti-slip floor, recessed jets, programmable filtration, ergonomic seating and more.

Wellness IV

Wellness IV Swim Spa by Coast
The Coast Wellness IV is a combination 1360-U.S. gallon swim spa and 390-gallon hot tub which can seat five adults in the hot tub section and two in the swim spa. It comes with numerous high-powered river jets and optional exercise devices. This is the largest overall Coast Wellness swim spa and the hot tub has its own digital controls. It also comes with much more, including headrests, ergonomic seating, dual safety lights, thread-in jets, textured floor, titanium heater, and a large footwell in the hot tub.

Wellness V

Wellness V Swim Spa by Coast
The Wellness V swim spa has a huge swimming area and can seat up to three people. The unit has a capacity of 1975 U.S. gallons along with 41 jets and optional exercise equipment. This model has the largest exercise and swimming area of all the Coast spas and also comes with an integrated massage/cool-down section. The spa offers a digital control panel, headrests, beverage holder, non-float lounger, vacuum-formed enclosure, coast guard corners, power pumps and much more.

Wellness Infinity

Infinity Edge Swim Spa by Coast
The Wellness Infinity spa is the newest model by Coast. It has a swimming area and can seat up to three people in the 1371-U.S. gallon unit. It can be ordered with resistance exercise bands, swim tether, and rowing bars for all of your fitness needs. This product is known as the world’s one and only vanishing- edge swim spa. It offers a barrier-free view while you swim towards the unconfined open space. There’s no filter grate, water displacement, and telescopic skimmers either. This model is generally regarded as the most advanced and innovative swim spa on the market.

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