What To Do With Your Hot Tub While On Vacation

What To Do With Your Hot Tub While On Vacation

When it comes time to pack your bags and head out on a well-deserved vacation you should just take the time to perform a little preventative maintenance on your hot tub before leaving. If you live in a warm climate where there’s no chance of freezing or if the hot tub is located inside your home you should shock the water with a small amount of chlorine and then close and lock the cover. In addition, you should also turn off the power to the unit after you’ve let the chlorine circulate. When you return home you should power it back up, shock it once again, heat the water and it should soon be ready to enjoy.

When you shock the water before leaving it will more or less sterilize the water and nothing will be able to grow in it. If the tub’s cover is closed tightly it will keep the sunlight out of the water and this will prevent the growth of algae. It will also keep most air circulation at bay as well as dust and debris. With the power off the water will cool down and it’s harder for anything to grow in cooler water. Also, the cooler water will be able to slow down all physical and chemical reactions which means the chlorine will last longer. It’s recommended that you also analyze the water’s chemical balance to see if it’s too acidic or alkaline. After testing it you may need to make an adjustment by adding the required chemicals.

Keep The Water Warm in Freezing Temperatures

Shutting the power off to the hot tub when you go on vacation will also result in a lower  power bill at the end of the month. However, it’s important that you keep the water in the hot tub warm enough if there’s a chance it may freeze and this means the power needs to be left on. This will all depend on where your tub is located and what the climate is. If the tub is situated inside the house there’s not much to worry about, but freezing could be a problem if it’s located outside. If the tub is outside you’ll need to make sure the power is left on and the pump and heater are programmed to come on at regular intervals while you’re away.

Heat escapes the water at a faster rate when the difference between the outdoor temperature and the water temperature is greater. You will need to heat the water up when you return home, but since the temperature has been turned down while you were away the amount of power used will balance itself out. If you plan on taking a vacation of a week or longer you may want to lower the water temperature by 10 degrees. This will enable the hot tub to keep the water warm enough from freezing and it will also save energy.

You will just need to heat the water up before using the hot tub immediately on your return. Re-heating the water won’t use as much energy as keeping it consistently warm while you were away though. In addition, since the chlorine lasts longer in cooler water you’ll also save costs there as well.

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