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All about FIBERGLASS Pools

Join in on the fiberglass pool revolution!

Our fiberglass pools create a permanent home improvement that can be customized to complement your home and lifestyle. Fiberglass pools offer distinct advantages to the installation and quality of design of your backyard pool. Fiberglass is 17 times stronger than concrete! With the experience and expertise of our staff at International Pool and Spa Centers, you can have your fiberglass pool installed in just 3-5 days. We have pool store location throughout Ontario and fiberglass pool experts on hand to help you custom design the pool that is just right for you family and budget.

New technologies and higher quality materials have been developed to provide our customers with just as many pool options available as steel or concrete. Enjoy designs that include perimeter tile, inlayed tile, mosaics, built-in water features like cascades and streams, as well as fiber optic and LED lighting, vanishing edges, and in-floor cleaning systems. We have raised the standards of fiberglass pools by creating the largest variety of pool shell options and colour finishes.

Fiberglass is a strong, lightweight material that is constructed by weaving small glass threads into fabric and hardening the fabric with a special polyester resin. Our fiberglass pools are a proven product with factory controlled quality. Combining premium raw materials and our unique ten stage manufacturing process creates a pool with unsurpassed appearance and performance. It has a smooth finish and a non-porous surface that resists the problems associated with imbalanced water chemistry, requiring less chemical maintenance and labour. The easy and quick installation process creates a quick opportunity for you to enjoy endless amounts of summer fun.


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Why Buy a Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass pools offer many advantages over a vinyl or concrete pool. Here are some of the advantages to a fiberglass pool:

Quicker Installation Period

Fiberglass pools are manufactured offsite in a factory controlled environment. When the pool is delivered to your house, it is coming already equipped with the shell, colour, tiles, cascades and any other features you need for your pool. Vinyl and concrete pools take weeks to create, put up the frames, fill the hole, insert the liner, and add on any extra features that you request. The installation process of a fiberglass pool is significantly faster than that of a vinyl pool which means you get more time to enjoy the sunny days of summer in your pool rather than stressing over the installation.

Factory Controlled Environment

As mentioned above, fiberglass pools are manufactured in a controlled environment. Strict quality control methods are used at the factory to ensure that the pool passes all regulations and standards before it is delivered to your house as a whole unit. As the largest fiberglass manufacturer in North America, Viking pools takes customers’ requirements of a pool and continuously creates and improves their models, offering the most innovative designs and features all within a strict quality controlled environment. Your pool will be made with total quality management.

Less Maintenance Cost

Although fiberglass pools have a higher initial cost, there are many opportunities for you to save money throughout the lifetime of your pool. Fiberglass pools are coated with a gel coat which creates a smooth finish. This smooth finish means no skin abrasions, but the non-porous surface does not harbour algae or bacteria and reduces the problems and money spent on trying to balance your water chemistry. Chemical maintenance and labour are greatly reduced. The smooth gel coat will never need repainting which is a cost-effective solution to a vinyl pool and having to replace your liner every few years. The fiberglass pool construction also acts as a natural insulation which means you can leave your pump on for less time and save on your electricity bill. Savings are all around with fiberglass pools!

Fiberglass Pools Are Stronger Than Any Other Pool

Fiberglass pools are 17 times stronger than concrete or vinyl pools. The flexibility of the fiberglass allows the pool to withstand expanding soil and pressure of changing temperatures and weather conditions. Our Viking pools have a closed-beam construction which allows flexibility and strength to work hand in hand and provide the best possible impact resistance. See “Construction” tab for how our Viking Pools are constructed!







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Viking Pools Features

The structure and design of the fiberglass pool has revolutionized how we install pools and transform your backyard. Fiberglass pools have proven time and time again their exceptional strength, stability and flexibility. The popular demand of these pools has pushed leading manufacturers to offer an extended variety of features and options. Fiberglass pools are custom made with specific features so the required installation takes less time, so you can enjoy more of the summer season with your new pool. Not only does Viking offer numerous pool sizes and shapes to fit your home and landscape, but you will also be able to choose from more options than any other pool manufacturer, including handcrafted tiles, cascades, streams and inlaid tiles. Take a look at the features and options our fiberglass pools have to offer.


Our Viking pools offer an infinite amount of colours! With the only manufacturer to offer the Kaleido-Center™, we offer the ultimate customization for your pool. Make your pool stand out from the rest, and select everything from the backer to flakes and sparkles to create a truly customizable piece of art. Take a look at the Custom Colour Creator and see the world of opportunity in choosing your pool finish. We also offer a variety of diamond and crystite finishes, as well as standard beautiful blue finishes to enhance the appearance and ambiance of your pool and backyard.

Azure Diamond
Maya Diamond
Persian Diamond

Crystite Series

Pebble Beach
Sapphire Blue
Pacific Blue
Whisper White Gel Coat
Viking Blue Gel Coat

Tiled Floors, Steps, Seats and Skimmers

Glass or ceramic tile can be added to the floor, steps, seats, and/or skimmers of any Viking pool or spa. These creative designs can be added to complement the shape of your pool for a polished and sophisticated look. Our inlayed tiles emphasize stairs and seats for safety and appearance. Our elegant selection of tiles allows you to customize your pool even further and to accentuate the look and feel of your pool. All of our models also come standard with textured, non slip steps and seats to assist entry and exit of the pool. A convenience ledge on all pools provides a safe place to swim and grab safely. Browse our selection of tiles here:

Vanishing Edges

The vanishing edge design offers a luxurious and exotic look, so why not have it constructed into your own fiberglass pool? The elegant and intriguing look of the vanishing edge is designed to produce a visual effect of water extending onto the horizon, in essence “vanishing into infinity.” Water cascades over the back edge and can be complemented with a waterfall view from the backside. The vanishing edge instills a look of absolute elegance and beauty into your backyard and Viking pools offers this ultimate design.

Modular Units

Modular units help emphasize the size and extends the boundaries of your pool. Viking offers spas, spillover spas and splash spas that can be used in conjunction with any of our pool models to create a beautiful finishing look to your backyard. The sky is the limit!

Streams and Cascades

Viking cascades are found in the coping of your pool and are available in a variety of sizes. Waterfalls truly turn your backyard into an oasis with the calming sounds of water falling and the look of paradise that you would experience in a luxurious resort or spa. Waterfalls help tune out the surrounding noises of your neighbourhood and put you in a state of pure relaxation. Streams are also offered with all of our Viking pools and are adjustable so you can change their directional flow for the perfect appearance.


With our wide array of lighting systems, you can now enjoy lavish backyard parties, or romantic nights by your pool. Use our lighting systems to illuminate your pool as well as your landscaping and patio designs. Our LED lights provide a totally new concept in underwater lighting design. Using new molding materials, it has been possible to produce a compact light fitting with unique features that are not currently available from any other existing pool or spa lighting product. Our lights come in 6 beautiful colours to choose from with a fully synchronized disco mode.


Custom tile mosaics are another way to customize your pool. With so many different designs and the opportunity to create your own mosaic, your pool can reflect your own personality and charm. Mosaics can be used as a funky and playful pool design, or it can be used to enhance the overall appeal of your pool with elegant pieces of art. Like all of our other features and designs, the choice is yours!

Construction of a Fiberglass Pool

1 Prepare the mold so that the pool easily separates from the mold to give the pool a better quality finish.

2 Our standard gel-coat, the premium Crystite®, or the Diamond Series finish is added, which has a 20-year warranty. Our Crystite® finish is available in 86,400,000 unique colors.

3 Vinyl Ester Resin is then added to provide the greatest impact resistance, blister protection, and give the gel-coat, Crystite® or Diamond Series finish a gorgeous profile.

4 Additional layers of Vinyl Ester Resin and hand laid fiberglass are strategically placed for durability and strength.

5 The heart of every Viking pool is the ceramic core, which is sandwiched between protective layers of specially designed resin and fiberglass. The ceramic core adds a greater strength to the pool walls and provides enhanced water resistance.

6 Fiberglass is hand-laid across the pool to complete the important corrosion barrier to enhance durability. Additional layers of chopped fiberglass are added. When combined with the hand laid fiberglass it provides additional strength.

7 Honeycomb vertical supports are added to help support the walls during the installation process. The closed beam construction is then completed to strengthen the coping around the pool and allow for easier lifting of the pool. Chains are also secured around the pool for easy unloading and setting.

8 The completed pool is lifted off the mold.

9 The pool is then detailed according to specifications for a spectacular finish.

10 Pool is loaded onto the truck and ready for delivery.