10 Great Reasons To Buy a Swim Spa Today

10 Great Reasons To Buy a Swim Spa Today

Swim spas, also known as wellness spas, are becoming quite popular in Canada these days due to the multiple health and fitness benefits they have to offer. There are numerous reasons why people are installing swim spas and these are 10 of the best reasons to buy a swim spa today.



1- Traditional spa benefits
A swim spa offers all the comforts of a traditional spa due to the hot-water jets which are designed to massage your body. But along with all of the relaxation and enjoyment you’re also provided with a swimming area where you can exercise. Of course, the spa is a lot more compact than a pool and doesn’t take up as much room.

2-Swimming pool benefits
Along with the benefits of a traditional spa you also get the benefits of a traditional swimming pool. Although it’s smaller than a pool, a swim spa is still large enough to hold several people at the same time. This means you can enjoy the spa with family and/or friends in a smaller area and shallower water.

3-Easy to install
A swim spa is quite easy to install in most cases as it’s basically a fiberglass or acrylic type of pool. You’ll find that like a pool, a swim spa comes in both inground and above-ground models. The installation is typically easy and quick when it comes to inground versions and the above-ground models are even simpler to install.

4-Compact size
The compact design of a swim spa is ideal for those who don’t have the room or funds to install a traditional swimming pool. The size of a swim spa makes it an ideal alternative for people who can’t realistically construct or install a pool.

Some people buy a swim spa for the main purpose of exercising in it. The spa allows users to swim laps in a compact area without having to turn or dish out the cash for a traditional swimming pool. You can adjust the level of resistance and energy required to swim since the water jets are adjustable. This allows you to set different speeds as you swim against the current while staying stationary. You can also use a swim spa for other types of water exercises if you turn the jets off.

6-Encourages exercise
While some people prefer to relax in the massaging waters of a spa, they’re more likely to give exercise a go if they’re in a swim spa. This encourages exercise as most users will be tempted to try swimming while in the spa. For those who are learning to swim or are relative beginners, you can turn down the water resistance until your swimming skills improve.

7-Convenience of use
A swim spa is quite convenient for relaxing and exercising. It’s an ideal way to ease the tension, stress, and aches and pains in your muscles after exercising in the unit. You can basically enjoy a workout in the water and then sit back, relax, and enjoy a massage in the same spa when you’ve finished.

8-Easy to maintain
The maintenance of a swim spa is quite easy when compared to that of a traditional, larger pool. The swim spa uses a smaller amount of chemicals due to its size and the acrylic or fibreglass construction materials result in a smother surface and one which fights against the formation of algae.

9-Year-round usage
Another advantage of a swim spa is the fact that it can be used year round if it’s located in your home. Above-ground models can be transported inside once the winter months arrive and some people even use them outside during the cold weather if they’re installed in a covered area.

10-Mobility and portability
Above-ground swim spas are relatively portable which allows you to take them with you when you move from home to home. All you need to do is pack it away and take it with you to your new home. The mobility advantage of a swim spa also enables you to take it with you to the cottage if you spend most of your summers there.

Have a question about purchasing a swim spa?  International Pool & Spa Centers has locations across Ontario and swim spa professionals available to answer your questions about the benefits of owning a swim spa.  Contact us here for more information or visit one of our many locations across Ontario.

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