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How To Properly Close Your Above Ground Pool

Closing your Above Ground Pool for the winter months shouldn’t be complicated or difficult.

Drawing on over 40 years experience closing our clients pools, International Pool & Spa has prepared this quick guide to make closing your pool quick and simple.

One Week before Pool Closing

Bring a water sample into any International Pool and Spa store at least one week prior to Closing. All chemistry adjustments should be made at this time before adding any of the Winterizing Chemicals. As the temperature of the pool water drops, the water becomes more corrosive. Improperly balanced water may result in the liner becoming brittle and the formation of wrinkles or pinholes may occur. Further damage could be the corrosion of any metal parts (face plate screws), and the staining or pitting of a concrete/ gunite pool surface.

Day before Closing

  • Vacuum pool. Backwash pool for 3 minutes to loosen and clean sand and complete with a rinse. Every few years it is advised to clean sand using 1Kg of Filter Cleanse. Clean sand allows for better filtration (sand should be replaced every 7 years)
  • Add liquid chlorine or granular chlorine (premixed with water) and evenly broadcast around the pool. Let pool circulate for 12 hours.
  • Solar Blanket should be cleaned (Try Natural Chemistry Cover Cleaner) and dried before storing. Solar blanket can be stored outside if using a solar blanket jacket.

Day of Closing

  • Drain water 2” below the return jet.
  • Remove any equipment i.e. ladders, diving boards, drop in steps etc
  • Remove eyeball(s) from return jet(s)
  • Insert either an expandable plug or threaded plug into return.
  • Remove skimmer basket and weir door from skimmer unit.
  • Drain and disconnect pluming.
  • If you are not disconnecting pluming insert either an expandable plug or threaded plug into return and pour anti freeze down line.
  • Plug skimmer using a gizzmo (this helps water from freezing and cracking skimmer unit).
  • Remove all drain plugs and drain caps from pump, filter, chlorinator and heater (refer to manufacture specifications if uncertain). Position dial valve on filter to “Close” or “Winterize”. Remove chlorine pucks from chlorinator)
  • Remove sight glass and pressure gauge from filter. Remove basket from pump
  • Turn off pilot light and remove pressure switch on heater. It is advised to disconnect water lines going into and from heater.
  • Disconnect Salt Water Generator/Ozone and remove cell or see manufacture specifications.
  • Remove light (see manufacture specifications)
  • Add pool Closing Kit (1/2 amounts of each) which consists of 1L Algi Free II (prevents algae growth), 1L Pool Protect All (prevents staining and scaling), 1kg of Quik Shok (keeps chlorine active through winter months) and 1L Pool Saver Spring/Fall(enzyme breaks down organics and reduces scum/water line). Add products to separate corners/areas of the pool and using vacuum pole circulate water.
  • Run the plastic coated cable through the cover grommets and then feed cable through the ratchet and winch.
  • Cover pool using Winter Cover (black side down). Cover should rest directly on water lever, pat extra cover material against the inside walls of pool. There should be no stretching of cover or air in behind cove. Tighten the winch so that cover is sighting snugly under top rails. DO NOT pull cover down sides of wall, all excess material is to be on the inside of the pool. Do not cover skimmer unit with cover.
  • Place enough water onto the tarp (1”) to help keep cover weighted on water. A little bit of algaecide can be added to help prevent build up on cover.
  • Winter cover sealer can be used to help secure your winter cover in place. Simply wrap sealer around pool cover to create an air tight seal. Must go around pool 4-5x’s.
  • Place leaf net on top of winter cover and secure. Leaf net is to be emptied or removed prior to snowfall.
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