Back to School? Stay in the Pool!

Back to School? Stay in the Pool!

All across Canada, school is back in session—or will be very soon. Most community and public pools will soon be closing for the season, even though the weather will remain warm enough to keep swimming for another month or so…
If you own a swimming pool, you can close your pool when you want to. This means you and your family can still be swimming right through August and in most cases, well into September.

Here’s some simple ideas and tips on how to keep your students swimming once school starts:

Relationship Building
Once school starts, kids often find themselves in new schools or classrooms faced with the task of forming new relationships. As a pool owner, you have a unique opportunity to throw pool parties and get-togethers for your kids to build new social connections and lasting friendships.

Improve Focus and Attention
With so many day-to-day distractions, it can be difficult for kids to focus and pay attention at school. Exercise, like swimming or playing in the pool, is a great way for kids to de-stress and release some of the days pent up energy before tackling studies and homework. Recent studies have shown that time spent in natural environments, outdoors, can greatly increase cognitive function and focus!

Homework and Reading
Homework and reading go hand-in-hand with back to school. With the return of daily studies, many students may feel as though they are missing out on valued time outdoors. So why not shift them to the poolside? Sitting by the pool at a small table they’ll have the time needed to complete their homework or reading assignment in a relaxed, comfortable environment while spending time outside.

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